Honorary Members

In addition to our extra special honorary member "Mount Royal Cemetery", we now have two new Honorary Members; Vermont Civil War Hemlocks and Fred Laffond.

Frederick R. Laffond

Fred began his career as a Cemeterian in 1970 when he was named Superintendent of the St. Joseph Cemetery in Keene, NH. In 1995, Fred took on additional duties of business manager for the St. Benard Parish as well as continuing his duties at St. Joseph's. In 2001, Fred was appointed the first Director of Cemeteries for the Diocese of Manchester, NH.

Fred's affiliation with the New England Cemetery Association began in 1970 and in addition to being a Director from 1981 to 1987, he served as the Secretary/Treasurer for 16 years, starting in 1987. Fred was the heart and soul of this organization.

Why is Fred Laffond an honorary member of Vermont Cemetery Association? When Fred began his Secretary/Treasurer position, the VCA was defunct. VCA had been inactive for a few years. In 1992 and 1993, Fred along with the current respective Presidents of NECA and various Vermont Cemeterians held two meetings at the Barre Granite Associations. With Fred's relentless drive and NECA's financial support, VCA held it's first meeting after 10 years of hiatus in 1994. And the rest is history. Since 1994, Fred always made sure that if someone from Vermont needed a financial scholarship to attend NECA Training Seminar, the scholarship would be available.


The Vermont Civil War Hemlocks

Since 1963 the Vermont Civil War Hemlocks have been making the Civil War come alive for people in the state of Vermont through meetings, demonstrations, and participation in battle re-creations. Over the last thirty years, scores of members and thousands of spectators have gained a deeper understanding for, and greater appreciation of, Vermont's role in this tragic but fascinating chapter of America's history.

The Hemlocks take their name from the sprig of evergreen worn by Vermont troops as an identifying badge. They were founded during the one hundredth anniversary of the Civil War by Andrew Fisher, a history teacher at Concord High School. The early demonstrations involved three brass coehorn mortars which had been cast at the Fairbanks Morse foundry in St. Johnsbury. Members of the Hemlocks took part in some of the first Civil War reenactments to take place in this country.

The Vermont Civil War Hemlocks is a non profit educational organization incorporated in the State of Vermont. We have about fifty members, ranging from high school students to retirees, representing many walks of life, and coming from all over the state of Vermont. Like an original Vermont regiment in the War, we are lucky to have a wide range of talent in our ranks. This diversity helps us accomplish a lot and, at the same time, helps us offer a lot to new members.

We emphasize authenticity, and it rewards us with a genuine experience that can not be matched in other organizations. There is nothing like pulling the lanyard on a cannon or being part of a crisp, sharp volley of muskets. We invite you to request our informational packet, come to one of our meetings, or attend one of our activities this year and learn more about Vermont's best organization of Civil War enthusiasts.

Vermont Civil War Hemlocks 732 Georgia Mountain Road Fairfax, VT 05454